Day: May 22, 2007

Tuesday Daily Office

Whenever you enter a town and its people welcome you, eat what is set before you; cure the sick who are there, and say to

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Reactions to Lambeth invites: a round-up

Around the blogosphere and in news outlets around the world, reactions

to today’s announcement that Bishops Gene Robinson and Martyn Minns had

not been invited to Lambeth has come fast and, at times, furious.

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Pittsburgh: No path forward without pain

This past weekend, Bishop Robert Duncan of the Diocese of Pittsburgh told diocesan leaders that “We’re here together to discuss our way forward in light of our failure to obtain Alternative Primatial Oversight … We are facing something that we never thought we would face. We thought we would prevail. We thought that what we believed and what the majority of the Communion believed would be provided for.” In other words, the diocese is admitting the path they have been pursuing will no longer work.

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Tutu speaks out

Desmond Tutu, the acclaimed anti-apartheid leader and former Anglican archbishop of Cape Town, is dealing with a relapse of prostate cancer. But he’s not as interested in talking about his health as he is about what he feels is a more important concern.

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Who’s Invited to the Dance?

Announcement was made todaythat the long awaited invitations to next year’s Lambeth Conference have been sent out by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Rowan Williams and every one wants to know who is and who is not on the invitation list.

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Invitations to Lambeth

Mindful of the speculation that has surrounded the issuing of invitations to the Conference Dr Williams recalls that invitations are issued on a personal basis by the Archbishop of Canterbury and that “the Lambeth Conference has no ‘constitution’ or formal powers; it is not a formal Synod or Council of the Communion”, and that invitation to the Conference has never been seen as “a certificate of doctrinal orthodoxy”. Nevertheless Dr Williams recognises in his letter that under very exceptional circumstances an invitation may be withheld or withdrawn.

UPDATE: Bishops Gene Robinson and Martyn Minns have not been invited according to the Washington Post. Read it here.

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The Church of Baseball

Fenway Park, and the game that’s been played there for 95 seasons, is what New England fans love. Except for the nasty year of the strike, fans have trusted that a bunch of guys wearing Red Sox jerseys will take to the field at 7:05 p.m. and play baseball. Here’s the thing, though. It’s not always the same bunch of guys.

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Border country

In his book Living on the Border of the Holy, a title that is itself significant, William Countryman writes of that border country that we all carry within us. He describes it as a kind of fault line that runs right down the middle of our lives. We can of course ignore it but it does not go away.

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