What would you do if?

What would you do if you found the face of Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich? Or the image of a saint in a cinnamon bun? These were the examples offered in comparison to the find of an Episcopal Church in Modesto, CA, a couple of weeks before Christmas.

St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Modesto, CA, recently found a distinct image of a cross in a pine tree stricken by drought and cut down two weeks ago. The Modesto Bee reports,

A gracefully flowing cross shows plainly on the trunk of a tree cut down beside St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Modesto. The cross-section discovered two weeks ago was shellacked and stationed temporarily in the church foyer last week.

It’s beautiful. We put it on display because it was just so cool!” said Allison Cox, church office manager.

The tree, which a ring count puts at 39 years old, soared beside the church on Oakdale Road until branches endangered the flat roof of the structure and it was determined several trees by the church were dying.

“When they cut it down, there was – kind of like the pancake thing,” she said, referring to the Jesus-like image that appeared in a pancake at the Cowgirl Cafe in Norco on Good Friday in 2014.

In a video posted on the Bee website, she added that they brought the tree trunk section into the church to “cherish it.”

What would you do if you found a divine sign at your church, home, or favorite restaurant?

Photo credit: The Modesto Bee

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