What I Can Say


To paint is a mysterious and individual act which could almost be self-sufficient due to the intimacy of the approach: painting is so personal and sensitive that no words can tell or explain a piece of work. Thus, it is difficult to speak about it, to expose it, to promote it…


What I can say—and what I have observed in the process of painting—is that once finished, a picture becomes autonomous, and then belongs as much to the spectator as to its author. The work retains its own language, which acts through an emotion being passed on, received and renewed at every meeting.


…I wish my work to move on, to live and to become in a space of exchange and communion with a spectator, with you—always respecting the first, authentic, and personal approach.

Images above (and on front page masthead) by Corinne Vonaesch. Top (and front-page mastheads): Deuxieme Jour (The Second Day of Creation); Middle: Enseignement a la Foule (Teaching the Crowd); Bottom: Femme et Enfant (Woman and Child).

Words above by Corinne Vonaesch.

Word of Light, also by Corinne Vonaesch, appears in the current ECVA exhibition: Of The Heart.

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