Year: 2008

More on the Church of England response to the draft Covenant

An analysis of the recently published response highlights a number of the areas that Church of England has concerns. It is likely useful to remember that Church of Ireland published their response to the same proposal earlier this year, and they also found a number of substantive concerns.

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“Faith-fueled candidates” win in Iowa

Imagine a Huck vs. Obama general election: the two candidates most comfortable at a pulpit fighting it out for the hearts and minds of American evangelicals. That’s right — Obama has almost as much of a shot at a big chunk of the evangelical vote as Huckabee. Huckabee may be a pastor, but Obama talks more like a prophetic preacher, writes Jeff Sharlett.

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An opera for Epiphany

The Child we seek holds the seas

and the winds on His palm.

The Child we seek has the moon

and the stars at His feet.

Before Him the eagle is gentle,

the lion is meek.

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Bless, O Lord, this creature beer

In Gatineau, Quebec, the oldest Protestant church in the Ottawa Valley stands deconsecrated and empty since late 2006. The century-old stone building is the third church to stand on the site; previous ones had burned down in fires. Now, a businessman wants to buy the church building and convert it into a brewpub and entertainment site, but the remnants of St. Andrew’s congregation aren’t keen on the idea.

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Two cheers for dithering

Over the last few years, Dr Rowan Williams has sometimes looked criminally innocent; sometimes merely well-meaning but powerless; very occasionally he has looked as if he is working to an angelically cunning plan. This week has been a good week for the cunning plan interpretation, writes Andrew Brown.

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Tutu in Kenya

Five days after President Mwai Kibaki unexpectedly defeated Raila Odinga, ethnic violence continues to ravage the country and its attorney general has called for an independent verification of the vote tallies. Archbishop Desmond Tutu has gone to Kenya to help mediate the explosive situation, which has turned the generally stable nation on its ear.

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Life, going on

One is a retired priest; the other is a retiree that became a priest. Two separate stories in two different regions of the country, yet both resonate the theme that we never need retire from faith.

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