Year: 2008

A rector’s lexicon

The process” as we like to call it from the inside, at least, was unbelievably annoying at times, but also deeply nurturing and formative for me, and I wouldn’t want to give it back. But what does our choice of words to describe it say to a post-Christian world? Is it just a bunch of episco-speak devoid of meaning for anyone other than the initiated? I wonder.

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The saving name

Loving God,

whose angels proclaimed

the saving name of Mary’s child,

grant that we might live each day

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Over 1,000,000 served

Congratulations to Father Jake Stops the World which crossed the 1,000,000 mark in total visits yesterday evening. Jake is a worthy Thorn in the Anglican

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2400 lunches

On the fourth Thursday of each month volunteers from St. Stephen’s Episcopal and The Church of Hope ELCA gather to prepare lunches to take to the HIV and AIDS patients at the Los Angeles County Hospital and USC Medical Center. The group has been preparing lunches for over five years. The luncheon project was started 20 years ago by a Los Angeles synagogue.

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Church of England responds to the draft Anglican Covenant

It would be unlawful for the General Synod to delegate its decision making powers to the Primates. This therefore means that it could not sign up to a Covenant which purported to give the Primates of the Communion the ability to give ‘direction’ about the course of action that the Church of England should take.
The Church of England Response to the draft Anglican Communion

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Reciprocal joy

No one can say that the classic pattern of the liturgy of Christmas is light on the tragic side of human existence. It has its themes of the census, the exclusion from the inn, the martyrdom of Stephen, the massacre of the innocents, the flight into Egypt, and now this serious evocation of the wound of historical existence, of submission to the narrow way of becoming a unique person through utter dependence on others

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Presiding Bishop podcasting

During Christmastide the Presiding Bishop made two appearances via podcast and radio. One with State of Belief on Air America is available now on podcast

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