Day: April 23, 2009

The Episcopal Church: an invitation on film

Because the canon for communications in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington (that would be me) is a bear of very little brain, it only recently occurred to him to put the movie that the marvellous Hugh Drescher made for us five years ago on You Tube.

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Peacemaker or lightning rod?

At a moment when Warren is expanding his role from megachurch pastor to national and international public figure, his increasing proclivity for sowing controversy is threatening his status as political peacemaker. “He would really like it if everyone would love Rick Warren, and when they don’t, he’s troubled,” says Jeffery Sheler, author of a forthcoming Warren biography.

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A gesture of reconciliation and a sigh of relief

Last May, Wesley James Queen left death threats on the voice mails of the Rev. Simon Bautista, the Episcopal Diocese of Washington’s Canon for Latino Ministries and other leaders of CASA de Maryland. Yesterday, at a crowded news conference, Queen embraced the people whom he had threatened and apologized.

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Chicago Consultation “saddened and dismayed” by ACI statement

“We are especially dismayed that this attempt to undermine the Church’s governance involves leaders who have held positions on the Communion-wide body that produced the proposed Anglican Covenant. The various drafts of the Covenant have each created impediments to the full inclusion of all baptized Christians in the Communion and thereby undermine God’s gift of unity. Regrettably, we must now question the full intent of these documents.

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A bit of background on those emails

“For reasons I will never know (perhaps providential — most likely it is that my initials are the similar as his and thus someone typed in an incorrect email) this morning I received in my email box communication from Bishop D.Bruce MacPherson and a group of his supporters about new documents that are in their final phase of planning that they plan to release soon.”

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Lessons from a grumpy Zen master

The Zen master talked for a long while to Tammy in Japanese, then brought out a long wooden stick. “He is going to walk up and down and watch you,” Tammy announced. “If you want you can bow to him” — she showed us how, head down and palms together — “to tell him that if he sees you are not sitting up straight or concentrating, you would like him to hit you.”

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Cycles of death and resurrection

In the silence, we are being prepared for this awakening which is an encounter with the fullness and the splendour of Jesus in that fully awakened state to which the Resurrection led Him, because no one comes to the Father of all except through the Son in whom all creation comes into being.

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