Day: March 29, 2011

Choosing right

Choosing right. This is not always easy, but it can be easy to simply let things happen, or to go through life half asleep. … It would seem we could do better as a people than to have scenes play out as above, for mere children who did not make most, if any, of the decisions that brought them to such moments.

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House of Bishops: Day 4

So often we hear “where are the moderate Muslim voices” to counter Al Quaida, the Taliban, etc. Today we were asked “Where are the moderate Christian voices to counter Glenn Beck, Franklin Graham and the other fear mongers who regularly demonize all Muslims for the sins of the extemists. Good question…

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More Facebook for Lent!

“We don’t make time for God because we’re too busy with email and Facebook”. This type of observation and these gentle admonishments are met in the congregations in which I sit with knowing smiles and nods and always at least one, “A-men!” But, I don’t know. I think God loves Facebook.

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