Day: May 7, 2012

Baptist prof: good guys losing fight over climate change

Among the more intriguing developments on the religious and political landscape in the past five or six years is the increasing concern for our deteriorating environment among evangelical Christians, especially young evangelical Christians. But progress has been slow.

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Billy Graham could learn a thing or two about families

The people this amendment is aimed at work hard in their communities, seek to live their lives with integrity and hope they will be appreciated for their contributions to society. They are our children, our friends, our brothers and sisters, our parents, and they find it hard to understand why they are so hated, so vilified, that special oppression must be placed on them and their lives.

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What the PB is saying at provincial synods

We have made legislative decisions over the last few decades that have done great good in opening us up to the movement of the spirit. We have also done damage in voting, by creating winners and losers about several hundred issues at every General Convention.

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Café newsblogger’s parish needs your vote

St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church in Sioux City, Iowa, whose rector is the Cafe’s own Father Torey Lightcap, needs your help. St. Thomas’ community garden is one of 15 such gardens vying in online voting for a $4,000 grant from DeLoach Vineyards.

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Sermon for a sad Sunday at St. Peter’s, Ellicott Mills

Brenda and Mary Marguerite were doing the Lord’s work. They were serving the Lord directly. “When I was hungry, you fed me…” Like nearly every day of the week, Brenda was leading a profoundly hungry person to the Food Pantry. In the matter of just a few moments it was all over. We will never understand it.

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A Goat for God; a Goat for Azazel

But many people find spiritual richness when they allow their dreams and subconscious material to rise into consciousness where it can be recognized and acknowledged in order to give our conscious self some power over it.

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