Connections And Metaphors


My recent mixed media work juxtaposes image and text to create connections and metaphors that may not be predictable or seen immediately. The image is the subtext that allows the viewer to interact with the text in order to consider story, a story that points to the transcendence and eternally relevant Story.


My paintings are inspired by poetry, great writers, like Tolstoy or C.S. Lewis, but most importantly the powerful Word of God.

The word, damah Heb., refers to a metaphor that transforms, an art form that starts with a commonly accepted way of looking at the world, and adds a surprise or unexpected twist that results in a new perspective that inspires and transforms the viewer. We are surrounded by metaphors that point us to the unseen world.

Images & Words by Grace Carol Bomer

Seen above (and on front-page mastheads): Ancient Mercy and Bending To Love by Grace Carol Bomer.

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