Year: 2019

First, sit down

But the first step is to get them to sit down. In order to receive what they need, they must stop and settle. They must still their anxious feet and pounding hearts and take a breath. Only then do they become open to get what Jesus has to give them.

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“Where did Jesus go?”

I like that thought too: that even though I can’t really see Jesus or touch him or talk to him, I know he’s still here. I feel his love in worship. I experience his goodness through loving my neighbors. I taste and touch his grace in bread and wine.

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A marginalization of the vulnerable: Pope Francis speaks up against nationalism

” In light of this concern, I chose to devote my Message for this year’s World Day of Peace, celebrated on 1 January, to the theme: Good Politics at the Service of Peace. There is a close relationship between good politics and the peaceful coexistence of peoples and nations. Peace is never a partial good, but one that embraces the entire human race.”

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A Simple Rural Wedding

“So, yes, the wedding feast has meaning. It was the place where Jesus first acted, not in the Temple courtyard or in the synagogue, but in a home filled with joyous people, people celebrating a new family and the promise of children and a life to come.”

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Epiphany:  Nothing Can Stay the Same

Every birth—especially that of Jesus—is also a kind of death.  The arrival of a child disrupts our plans and ambitions and rearranges our priorities.  It shows us our need for each other.  It also shows us the true nature of power and authority, which is love.

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