Year: 2020

I’m Trying

“Instead of mirroring the “How are you?” “I’m fine” greeting, the easy-to-answer questions from Jesus provoke people to engage more deeply. I wonder how we could attempt that, in our own practice?”

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Fragments on Fragments #24: Being Human in a Pandemic

It’s a tricky balancing act: offering the emotional support that others need, without colluding with opinions which are untrue or unkind. I wouldn’t claim to have got it right. But Heraclitus encourages me that the effort is worth making. Searching for truth will always involve disagreement, and especially in turbulent times. And with so much falsehood around, it’s all the more important.

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Halfway through packing for their pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the Temple and its sacrifice, the covenant and its blood, Joseph is distracted by the keening of the child. He had never noticed before how like grief a baby’s cry could be – wailing for the womb, mourning the waters from which it was drawn out and adopted into the world.

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All is not Lost

“And yet, we still commemorate the moment that the God of creation chose to enter human history, in a time and a place that held its fair share of loss, of poverty, disease, death and oppression.”

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Around the Episcopal church, December 28 2020

The Episcopal Diocese of LA does not worship indoors, Virginia Episcopal School maintains Covid-19 bubble, New Hampshire faith leaders send governor message on homelessness, Governor Whitmer joins Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan for service

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From the Daily Sip: It’s Dangerous

Stuck in a tiny home in a real pandemic in Christmas week, I have found solace in good food and tv.  Again, not high-brow, but real, honest, more comforting than some lofty sermon by some clergy caricature. ‘Nuff said.

Watching a tv adaptation of The Stand this week, I heard one line spoken by the protagonist whose fight is not just to stay alive, but to find others and to discern evil from good.  He said, “It’s dangerous being a prophet; especially in times of upheaval.” 

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Faith To Go:

David and Charlette discuss the idea of the word becoming flesh from this week’s gospel

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