Year: 2020

Stephen and Wenceslaus

“As we go walk the Christmas season and look forward to Epiphany, let us remember to give to others. It doesn’t necessarily have to be money or tangible goods; it can be a simple welcoming smile or hug, listening, helping with rides to doctor’s appointments, or meeting whatever need might present itself.”

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Fragments on Fragments #23: Being Human in a Pandemic

One thing at least we should get from Heraclitus, which is backed up by human experience: peace is hard work. It’s not what naturally happens when we just stop being nasty to each other. If there is an alternative to a world built on a balance of competing opposites, it is one built on patient peace-making. I hope for a harmony which comes from people realising that their different needs are not dissonances but resonances.

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Restoring Christmas

“Our time here, even pre-pandemic, is difficult, painful, too short and too long, with glimpses of joy in between. This Christmas has the possibility of reminding us what life and effort, and the birth of a Savior showing us a better way was meant to be. “

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What Christmas is All About

“Christmas is about hope. Christmas is about faith—faith in God and in each other. Christmas is about love. Love in action. Love found sleeping in a manger, leading us to the way of life we were meant to live from the beginning.”

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Carrying Christ

“This question helped focus me and quell the overwhelming nature of my work, but more importantly it grounded that work in God. It required me to say, “Here I am”, minute to minute, hour by hour and day after day.”

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