Year: 2020

Fragments from Fragments #22: Being Human in a Pandemic

It may be worth taking a moment to reflect on how your worldview has changed during 2020. I doubt if many people have decided on the basis of this year that the world is more ordered and harmonious than they had thought. Many will probably have moved in the opposite direction. If your view has changed, and you think rightly, it’s probably worth recognising explicitly that it has, and what has caused it. Or if you feel you have been pushed away from what you truly believe by the pandemic and its effects, it’s all the more important to rediscover what you truly believe.

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This is Advent!

“Moments of joy and song. Moments of tears and sadness. Pride in speaking words on one’s own.”

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Signs in the Skies of Advent

“That is what the star led to: a world whose old beliefs had to be turned in a new direction, no comfort in trying to hold on to ways. There was a new, hard message that we call Christianity.”

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Welby advises elderly to skip Christmas worship

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby today told the elderly not to go to church on Christmas Day as he warned it is ‘too dangerous’. 

Places of worship will remain open across the nation over the festive period, even in Tier 4 areas of England which are subject to the toughest coronavirus restrictions. 

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Cardinal Pell praises Trump for truth

I’m not one running around trying to damn his memory,” he said, adding, “In a democracy, we Christians have got a right, and indeed an obligation, to struggle to maintain Christian values in life, because the moment they start to disappear, notions like truth and reason and free speech” also go away. “On the whole I think Trump has made a positive contribution to the Christian cause.”

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From the Daily Sip: Gingerbread Martinis

But today I am old enough and have lived in the church long enough to realize that the key to being content is not hard work, nor wealth, nor liturgies, nor the gear that comes with titles – nor titles at all.  No, really the way to achieve contentment is to lower one’s standards.  I mean, not too terribly low.  Just low enough to stave off perpetual exhaustion and ecclesial tantrums.

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That Angel

“But we, too, are called.  We are in our own dyad with the angel spirit who is the messenger from God.  No matter how simple or ordinary we think we are, no matter how unsuited for a heavenly plan, there is an angel waiting.”

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A Poem for this Advent

these weeks before christmas 
we say we are waiting 
for the light 
to be born into the world,
for the first cry,
the infant sigh.
but mornings like this I think 
the light is already here.
we are waiting til we’re ready 
to open our eyes.

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