Year: 2020

Black churches attacked during pro-Trump rallies

Last night demonstrators who were part of the MAGA gatherings tore down our Black Lives Matter sign and literally burned it in the street. The sign burning was captured on Twitter. It pained me especially to see our name, Asbury, in flames. For me it was reminiscent of cross burnings. Seeing this act on video made me both indignant and determined to fight the evil that has reared its ugly head. – Rev. Dr. Ianther M. Mills, Senior Pastor

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Gunman opens fire after St. John the Divine concert

Our Carols for the Community event this afternoon was interrupted by an armed individual, who set off a round of gunfire into the air from our front steps. Thankfully, no injuries were reported among the attendees and the suspect is in custody. It is horrible that our choir’s gift to New York City, a much-needed afternoon of song and unity, was cut short by this shocking act of violence. We will remain strong, together, and serve as a safe space for prayer, meditation and celebration during the upcoming holiday season. We are grateful to our first responders, and our prayers are with all those affected by this event.

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St. John of the Cross and Mystics

“In our class, the professor, a dynamic Jesuit priest named John Mossi, asked us what we thought a mystic was and there were a variety of answers. ‘A saint,’ someone said. ‘A person who has out of body experiences,’ another suggested. ‘Someone who is especially holy,’ added a third.”

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Black Southern Baptists excluded from discussion of systemic racism

“The optics of six anglo brothers meeting to discuss racism and other related issues without having ethnic representation in the room in 2020, at worst it looks like paternalism, at best insensitivity. The only outcome can be from their life experience, which really ignores the broader family of Southern Baptists.”

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2FAB: St Walburga

Today’s episode is all about St Walburga, who came from a holy family (her mother, father, and two brothers are also big “S” saints)

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Rejoice Always!

” Praying without ceasing is simply a matter of being aware of our relationship with this God, who is present in all our moments, and being thankful.”

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The Imperfections of Advent

“For the rest of Advent, I’m going to focus on recognizing the importance of seeing imperfections not as blemishes to be covered up but as places where the light shines in. Of all the gifts I could give God, the one God seems to want most is my putting my imperfect self in God’s hands.”

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