Year: 2020

Some kind of psalm

Oh that I had the eyes of a hawk to see your face,
the wings of an albatross to span the rift between
the world and your still waters;
the appetite of the dove for the olive branch.

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Lessons from the Flu

“When I couldn’t muster any energy we all gathered in the living room, blankets and pillows surrounding us, and sat together on the couch. Moving into the new year I hope to pay attention to what my body is telling me which I realize I can’t do unless I’m willing to stop and listen and just be present.”

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What Happened to Epiphany?

“The Herods have multiplied, and they are still afraid, and still killing the innocent. Anti-Semitism and racist attacks. Genocides on tiny minority ethnicities throughout South East Asia and the Middle East. Attacks on Christian communities throughout Africa. And here at home, the Wall and children in cages. And a planet burning up, being destroyed through human greed. Oceans rising and life dying, fleeing if they can. Too much. Where to start? Where to pray? Where to act?”

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Why Were You Searching for Me?

“In sitting with the teachers in the Temple, Jesus had made the decision to grow into who he truly was — Messiah.  He had chosen to listen and learn from a cadre of top quality scholars who spent their days studying Talmud and midrash and discussing the meaning of scripture.”

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