Year: 2010

The Facebook double life

“So when it came time for me to graduate from seminary and move to a new city to start my first church job, I found myself facing an unexpected but very common question: how would I relate to parishioners on Facebook?”

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Flipping the religious news stories of the year

“Inspiration seems in short supply in the Religion Newswriters list. Protests, pedophiles, and laments lead the news. What would happen if we flipped these stories and reported them for the courage and conviction that can be found if we only dig a little?”

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Patrick Cheng reviews the year

“Anti-gay Christians love to quote John 8:32, which says that “the truth will make you free.” According to them, if only lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people would simply accept the truths of the Christian faith, we would discover the error of our ways…”

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Embracing the metaphor of light

I wonder if perhaps the time has come to discard anthropomorphism in favor of light. Bishops John Shelby Spong and John A.T. Robinson have popularized the deconstruction of the antiquated, anachronistic, and anthropomorphic images of God. Those metaphors are well past their sell-by dates.

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Unconquered soul

In the year of the incarnation of the Lord 1170, Henry king of the English, son of Empress Matilda, held his court in Normandy at Bur, keeping the day of the Lord’s Nativity, saddened and troubled greatly because the archbishop of Canterbury did not wish to absolve the English bishops whom he had bound with the chain of excommunication.

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