Year: 2010

2010: top 10 stories
from Episcopal Café

The end of the year is the time to list top 10 news stories, so your Lead team has come to a consensus on what we see as our top 10. We also have the stats for what our readers read and which stories gathered the most comments. What do you think?

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Bibles: Ancient and Modern


…early editions [of the King James Bible] were vast tomes, to be placed on a lectern – unlike the tiny Tyndale Bible, made pocket-sized because it was contraband, banned by the church. When it comes to Bibles, size matters.

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Out of season

We are accustomed to a natural order of things, with seasons that follow each other in turn, with chores for each season, and beauty different to each season. We know that to do then; we know how to be summer people and how to be winter people.

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Here is Where We Meet

“The dog down there is on too short a chain. Change it, lengthen it. Then he’ll be able to reach the shade, and he’ll lie down and he’ll stop barking. And the silence will remind the mother she wanted a canary in a cage in the kitchen. And when the canary sings, she’ll do more ironing. And the father’s shoulders in a freshly ironed shirt will ache less when he goes to work.”

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The pastor as detective

Any clergy out there interested in sharing their initial experiences in their first post-seminary assignments? Any lay folks interested in sharing their experiences with newbie priests?

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RPPI’s Top Ten for 2010

Americans are about 5 times more likely to give an “F” (24%) than an “A” (5%) to churches for their handling of homosexuality. Two-thirds see connections between messages coming from America’s churches and higher rates of suicide among gay and lesbian youth.

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